For Law Firms

LawMeets are used to bring new and veteran lawyers together. They foster knowledge-sharing without the high cost of traditional training.

Why LawMeets?

Provide active skills-based learning

LawMeets deliver realistic, hands-on exercises to teach lawyering skills. Unlike passive, classroom-style training, each LawMeet exercise calls upon the participants to perform a lawyering task.

Build Community

Although individuals participate remotely from many locations, LawMeets are highly social, using social media and gamification strategies to enable all participants to share a common learning experience.

Utilize the firm’s own expertise

Senior lawyers participate in a LawMeet by providing feedback and modeling expert performance. LawMeets allows experts to teach by doing what they do well already.

Drive Revenue

LawMeets allow lawyers to learn continuously and conveniently and to develop the skills they’ll need to serve their clients effectively.

A few LawMeets users