Our online LawMeets are powered by ApprenNet.

On ApprenNet, students can practice skills, interact with peers, and watch experts.

Drive Skill Practice

Instructors post videos that ask Learners to How much benfotiamine should i take practice skills by responding to real world challenges.

“The more deliberate practice an individual accumulates in a field, the closer the individual will become to being an expert in that field.”

ai??i?? K. Anders Ericcson

Engage Peers

With a few clicks, Instructors design peer review for Learners to observe each other and http://titov1980.ru/2018/02/15/omnicef-200-mg-price/ give and get feedback.

“Peer learning yields significant gains in social and communication skills.”

-Keith Topping

Share Expertise

Capture your organization’s know-how by http://www.innexion.nl/uncategorized/business-plan/ empowering your Experts to share best practices quickly and easily.

“Learning from experts provides a powerful model for designing meaningful learning experiences.”

ai??i?? A. Collins, J.S. Brown & S.E. Newman

WhereAi??can LawMeets help you?

What people are saying

LawMeets provide an excellent opportunity for my students to crystalize and review concepts we have gone over in class in a way that is not an exam but requires them to look at messy facts and decide what advice makes sense. It provides an effective way to develop skills that we donai??i??t always do in class.

Brian Quinn, Professor, Boston College Law School

LawMeetsAi??taught transactional lawyers how to communicate with a client ai??i?? how to understand the clientai??i??s problem from his or her perspective; how to analyze and solve it in the clientai??i??s context, not an academic one. […] Unlike most post-JD learning experiences, this one is hands-on, not passive.

Nancy Mulloy-Bonn, Director, ALI-CLE

We useAi??LawMeets to work with a diverse group of lawyers on building personal branding skills. […] The participants, viewing from more than 60 cities across the US, […] consider their colleaguesai??i?? answers to better understand how their peers approach the topic at hand. Ai??Weai??i??ve been excited by [our participants’] enthusiasm.

Lori Lorenzo, Deputy Director, Leadership Council on Legal Diversity