Online LawMeets®

The Modern Apprenticeship

How does an online LawMeet® work?

LawMeets® leverages the ApprenNet platform to bring a community of new and veteran lawyers together in order to foster more frequent knowledge sharing without the high costs that traditional apprenticeships entail.

Students or Associates...

  1. watch a hypothetical client or partner video.
  2. research a solution.
  3. respond via video.
  4. evaluate peer responses.
  5. read expert feedback to select responses.
  6. watch an expert demonstration.
  7. build individual LawMeets® portfolio of their skills.

What are the benefits of an online LawMeets®?

Online LawMeets® leverage the ApprenNet platform to offer the ability to scale significant predictors of skills acquisition, including: observation, social capital and mentorship:


LawMeets® offers students the tools to observe 1) their own performance; 2) performance of their peers; and 3) best practices from senior attorneys multiple times throughout the year.

Social capital

Meets provide common legal experiences that serve as starting points for meaningful, asynchronous discussion between professors, students and the practicing bar.


Meets encourage the practicing bar to provide young lawyers with frequent, meaningful feedback when and where they want, just minutes at a time.

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What people are saying

The learning is good for students to make the video. The learning is better once we vote and watch other student responses. The learning is phenomenal when we get additional feedback by reading and watching the responses of practicing professionals.

Student Participant

The Meets are both useful and interesting. They allow professors to address multiple dimensions of good lawyering (knowing the law, problem-solving alternatives and communicating it appropriately).

Professor Abu El-Haj, Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University

I wished I had started sooner. I would have done more.

Scott Price, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP